“I wish I would have started sooner to save my credit and good name.”

Those are the words uttered by almost every person who has had to go through the foreclosure process. Including the owner of our company, who went through the process after he lost a property in 2010. Most people don’t know that there are many options available to stop the foreclosure process.

At Nice Guys Buying Houses, we help people turn a bad situation into something positive. If you are late on your payments or have received a foreclosure notice from the bank because you’ve fallen behind on payments, it’s important to learn your options before the auction date is set. Even if you have an auction date, we’ve been able to help out last minute in many situations.

You can stop the foreclosure process in most Upstate counties several different ways. The first one being liquidating the property and selling to an investor like us before the house reaches the courthouse steps.

Why is selling your house before the foreclosure auction important?

It’s simple, once the bank takes your house, they also take your credit. You might say, “well, I haven’t made payments in months, my credit is already trashed.” And while that may be true, foreclosure destroys it for years to come. First off, it’s almost impossible to get a loan on a car, an appliance, rent an apartment, etc with a foreclosure on your record. It’s like a permanent stain on your credit report that won’t go away for at least 5 years, sometimes longer.

But what if we could keep that from happening for you? What if you knew all the options you had so that you could make the best decision for you, not the banks?

In all transparency, we’re real estate investors. We work with people in Greenville County, Spartanburg County, Anderson County, and Pickens County to step in and help them stop the foreclosure process.

Sometimes that means we buy your house before the auction, and avoid the permanent stain on your financial record. Sometimes it means just giving you the details that you may not know about, such as a short sale, forbearance, or other strategies that might be available to you. Sometimes, we can even stop the foreclosure and work with you to stay in the house for a certain period of time.

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